One Church One School

Teaching the Value of Life and Learning

One Church One School was established by Bishop Henry M. Williamson, Sr., in 1992 during his pastorate at the historic Carter Temple CME Church, Chicago, Illinois. The principal at the church's neighborhood school, Martha Ruggles Elementary, was also a member of Carter Temple. She expressed to Pastor Williamson a need for the support of her students.


OCOS seeks to support schools in improving student attendance, increasing academic achievement, and fostering positive social behavior.


OCOS utilizes the "P "Principle of total involvement to carry out its mission and goals. Pastors, Principals, Positive Personalities, Philanthropists, Police, Professionals, Politicians, Press, Parents, and Pupils.


One Church One School is a not-for-profit, non-denominational, international organization.

We invite all interested in the welfare of our children/youth and who have a desire for our schools to be an influential force in the teaching/learning process to join us in this educational/social endeavor.